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The cornerstone of Bowman Family Holdings (BFH) is Solar Sources Mining. Founded in 1974 by Felson Bowman, the company today mines nearly 5 million tons of steam coal annually. Solar Sources Mining also controls more than 200 million in-place tons of steam coal.

With the opening of an underground mine in Pike County, Solar Sources would double its employment to 500 workers.

BFH also has the aptitude to offer significant capital resources for Megasite projects.  BFH can help speed production and minimize costs with expertise in earth moving, engineering, mapping, surveying, and marketing support. 

Bowman Family Holdings is active and aggressive in regional economic development. We maintain productive partnerships with private businesses, energy corporations, local and state governments.

For us, success comes from the ground up not just in our successful mining operations, but from creating new relationships that evolve into lasting partnerships. We would love to learn more about your interests–and show you why the Southwest Indiana Megasite can be the right home for your organization.


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