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Master Plan

  • The masterplan covers 4,000 acres of Pike County. 
  • Pike county and the megasite has extensive engineering partnerships:
    • Rundell Ernstberger Associates
    • AECOM
    • Midwestern Engineers
  •  The Masterplan covers all of the Petersburg, Indiana I-69 interchange corridor. 

Key outcomes

  • Key outcomes from this master plan include:
    • Strategic land use recommendations
    • Targeted development types
    • Road infrastructure, utility, and stormwater management recommendations
    • Potential mechanisms by which to ensure plan adherence
    • Design guideline recommendations
    • Potential funding sources
    • A plan for future review and updates 
    • coordination between City and County leaders

[Download Masterplan PDF]

land-use and infrastructure plan

proposed transportation infrastructure

water system existing conditions

water systems pLANNED improvements

sewer existing conditions

sewer pLANNED conditions

[Download Masterplan PDF]


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