Master Plan

Master Plan map 1

  • The masterplan covers 4,000 acres of Pike County. 
  • Pike county and the megasite has extensive engineering partnerships:
    • Rundell Ernstberger Associates
    • AECOM
    • Midwestern Engineers
  •  The Masterplan covers all of the Petersburg, Indiana I-69 interchange corridor. 

Key outcomes

  • Key outcomes from this master plan include:
    • Strategic land use recommendations
    • Targeted development types
    • Road infrastructure, utility, and stormwater management recommendations
    • Potential mechanisms by which to ensure plan adherence
    • Design guideline recommendations
    • Potential funding sources
    • A plan for future review and updates 
    • coordination between City and County leaders

[Download Masterplan PDF]

land-use and infrastructure plan

land-use and infrastructure plan map

proposed transportation infrastructure

proposed transportation infrastructure map

water system existing conditions

water system existing conditions map

water systems pLANNED improvements

water systems planned improvements map

sewer existing conditions

sewer existing conditions map

sewer pLANNED conditions

sewer planned conditions map

[Download Masterplan PDF]


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