Food & Agribusiness 

Indiana is known for their farming and food processing. Over 80% of Indiana is Farms and Forests. Our state is a national leading producer of Soybeans, Tomatoes, Hogs, and Eggs.

Indiana knows the process behind Farm to Plate, our state delivers it all. 

Indiana has an AAA credit rating, so we can afford to reinvest into our farmers and agribusiness.

Indiana's Agriculture is estimated to be a 31 billion dollar industry.

US News and World Report ranked Purdue University #1, for Biological and Agricultural Studies.

Organic food producers have moved into the mainstream. This has brought new food producing companies that are in growth mode. Pike County has an abundance of land and opportunities for future food processing facilities.

As preferences shift and there is a need for modern methods to raise food production globally, demand is increasing for greenhouse/vertical farming of higher value.  The Southwest Indiana megasite is well positioned with not only the land but is also strongly supported by transportation access improvements associated with I-69.

Agricultural Production, Processing & Food Manufacturing are all identified as key target industries for Pike County and the Southwest Indiana Megasite. 


Indiana is home to over 500 Automotive companies, including 5 OEM assembly plants. our automotive industry is the second largest GDP in the nation, it has contributed 15 billion to our economy.

Our state is ranked 3rd in the U.S. for car and truck production with 11% of all motor vehicles produced nationally are made in Indiana.

Between 2012 and 2014, Indiana welcomed over $4 billion in new foreign direct investment and 13,300 projected new jobs for international investors.

Our state has a growing population and workforce of 3 million. Within that 3 million, 13% of them work in the automotive industry. Indiana has a competitive advantage to offer Indiana companies.

The Southwest Indiana Megasite is proximate to several major final assembly plants, including Toyota, located 30 miles away.  We welcome interest from tier 1-2-3 automotive suppliers.

WareHousing, Distribution & Logistics

Being less than 2-hour drive-time to Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY, we are a prime logistics location to the Indianapolis FedEx distribution center hub and the Louisville UPS World Port.

The growth of 3rd Party Logistics providers can be tied to Indiana’s ongoing strength in manufacturing, with emphasis on automotive.

Many companies in Indiana like Toyota contract with 3PL’s and parts sequencers to manage the flow of parts into a final assembly plant.

Pike County offers a strategic location in Indiana, Indiana resides in the Midwest "mega-region" for warehousing to support internet retail. Indiana has seen tremendous growth in demand for warehousing liked to retailers that require quick order fulfillment.

We offer an opportunity for server farms, connected to considerable electrical capacity.

Data processing is seen as a growth industry linked to the expansion of Internet-based shopping. Our proximity to fiber optic corridors and access to inexpensive electricity make the Southwest Indiana Megasite a prime location. 

The Megasite has easy and affordable access to logistics with a competitive advantage because of a diverse variety of end markets.


Two of the top sectors across Indiana are ambulatory health care services and hospitals. 

Specific trends include the gradual emergence of  "Micro Hospitals"  in smaller communities, as well as the continued growth of outpatient facilities.

Pike County already supports a concentration of employment in nursing and social assistance.

With expectations for an aging population linked to boomer-age retirements, there is an expectation that demand for nursing and care facilities will grow in towns and cities such as Petersburg, IN.

Nursing and Residential Care Facilities align with the Pike County’s target markets with the baby-boomer generation pivoting into retirement and increasing the demand for geriatric healthcare.

Pike Central High School is home to an award-winning Project Lead the Way Biomedical program and partner with local hospitals to provide real-world healthcare experiences for Pike Central students.


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