The business climate in Pike County, Indiana is white hot, thanks to aggressive, coordinated efforts from leaders in local business and government.

Bowman Family Holdings is a major supporter of this pro-growth environment, offering significant capital and site development resources for the Southwest Indiana Megasite.

key partners:


  • Hoosier Energy
  • WIN Energy
  • Vectren Corporation
  • Indiana Fiber Network

Government Organizations:

  • City of Petersburg
  • Pike County
  • Pike County Economic Development Corporation
  • Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • The State Of Indiana

Indiana ranks #1 in the Midwest and seventh nationally for business climate, according to a major survey of site selectors by Area Development.

The survey listed Indiana’s manufacturing boom and a new right-to-work law as important factors in the state’s high ranking.

Indiana has an AAA rating from all three major credit rating agencies.

Tax Climate

The state also offers one of the most competitive tax codes in the nation. The Tax Foundation’s 2018 State Business Tax Climate Index ranks Indiana 9th in the U.S. for overall tax climate, and #1 in the Midwest.

Attractive corporate tax rates help companies control costs. On top of that, the cost of doing business in Pike County Indiana is extremely attractive.

The Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate in Indiana is the 2nd lowest in the Midwest and 2nd lowest compared to all Eastern states. Indiana’s Property Tax Index Rate is the 2nd lowest in the Midwest and the 2nd lowest compared to all Southern states.

The Worker’s Compensation Premium Rate is one of the lowest in the country, and the Corporate Income Tax in Indiana has decreased to 6.5 percent by with a goal of further reduction to 4.9 percent by 2021.

Add it up and you’ll find a compelling blend of pro-growth attitude, government and business partnerships to make it happen, and attractive tax rates and incentives to help generate better bottom lines.

The business climate in Pike County, Indiana has never been more attractive.


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