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The location that can deliver 24-7 operations at reduced costs: In the “Crossroads of America,” Southwest Indiana Megasite (SWIM) puts your operation in position for non-stop resilience and ease in a high-quality, low-cost environment.

Three performance-ready sites:
The 8,000-acre SWIM currently offers three prime sites with flexible zoning to speed startup and productivity:

  • Generation Springs: 340 acres
  • Indiana Southern Rail 4B Site: 400 acres
  • Norfolk Southern Rail Site: 760 acres

SW Indiana Megasite Site Map

All SWIM sites deliver rapid speed and nonstop performance with: Interstate and highway access; an NS Class I rail line and an Indiana Southern line connecting to a CSX Intermodal facility; and abundant electrical capacity, including another 345kV line under construction.

Ready workforce

Data Center workforce within a 45-minute drive time; $40.15 average hourly wage

Data center workforce within a 60-minute drive time; $39.95 average hourly wage

National average hourly wage

Welcoming weather. Welcoming business climate and incentives.
SWIM’s location in Pike County offers two unique and significant advantages: Weather that earns a 25.42 FEMA National Risk Index score and a game-changing tax credit available to Indiana’s coal-impacted regions—in addition to other high-impact incentives.

Robust utility infrastructure with capacity to assure resilience
SWIM’s utilities include dual 345kV transmission lines with another 345 kV line under construction; multiple fiber feeds from leading telecommunications providers; expanding water and waste water capacity.

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