According to a study commissioned by the Pike County Economic Development Corporation, this corner of Southwestern Indiana is well positioned for housing development.

Petersburg is within commuting distance of Evansville (pop. 119,477) and Bloomington (pop. 84,465).

Pike County can draw from a labor force of 175,000 within 30- to 60-minute commute time.

Local residential developers stand ready to address the projected housing needs in Pike County.

Affordable Living and Savings For Families.

Pike County’s peaceful, unspoiled natural environment is a major attraction for home prospects. So are the lower costs of homeownership and rental.

According to Sperling’s Best Places, the median cost of a home is significantly less than the U.S. average! On top of that, the overall cost of living is 21% lower than the national average.

Our community can present sizable savings for families on essentials from food and clothing to food and utilities.

As employment diversity and wages grow, Pike County will become increasingly attractive as a go-to destination for homes and apartments.

Bowman Family Holdings, Pike County EDC, and our local partners are working hard to support this demand with new housing options.


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