Logistics and Incentives

Reach markets and ROI more rapidly with advantages in logistics and incentives.

Multimodal range and flexibility for custom shipping
Tailor your shipping for optimal speed and costs, with a choice of transit options including:

  • Interstate and highway: Adjacent to I-69, SWIM connects your operation to rapid interstate and highway delivery and to high-visibility frontage if desired. Move at the speed of business, delivering to 80% of the nation’s population within a one-day drive as you leverage Indiana’s #5 ranked infrastructure.
  • Dual Class I rail through onsite NS and Indiana Southern connections, with Indiana Southern linking to CSX intermodal facilities less than 60 miles away. Providing blanket coverage of Eastern markets as well as transcontinental access, NS and CSX are the nation’s leading Class I carriers and go-to providers for a diverse range of products and sectors.
  • Top-tonnage Port: Approximately 60 miles away, Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon, the state’s largest port, is also the nation’s closest major port to the median center of the U.S. population and a major gateway for a variety of products.
  • Global Air Cargo: While the Evansville Regional Airport is just 30 minutes away, the Indianapolis International Airport and the Mohammed Ali Louisville International Airport are both just two hours away. Home of the world’s 2nd largest FedEx air facilities, the Indianapolis International Airport moves over a million tons of time and temperature-sensitive cargo annually. Home of the world’s largest UPS air facilities, the Mohammed Ali Louisville International Airport ranks 3rd in North America in total amount of cargo handled.

Game-changing incentives unique to SWIM.
SWIM’s location in a coal-impacted region opens the opportunity for a unique and significant tax credit in addition to SWIM’s other incentives. Qualified projects may receive:

  • A transferrable tax credit equaling the lesser of either 30% of the entire qualified investment or $5 million, up to $25 million over a five-year period.
  • Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) refundable Indiana tax credit, phased in annually up to 10 years, based on the jobs created.
  • Local tax abatement on real property and machinery and equipment.
  • Sales tax exemptions on raw materials, equipment and power.
  • Local Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for infrastructure and construction.
  • Local assistance in site improvement and utility extension through Industrial Revenue Bonds and other funding.
  • Discretionary grants and refundable credits.

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